Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

Ronald Hess, MS, DO

Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist located in West Chester, OH

Reconstructive surgery can help you recover strength and joint mobility after injuries from sports, blunt force trauma, or age-related degeneration. At Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine’s three locations in Oxford and West Chester, Ohio, orthopedic surgeon Ronald Hess, MS, DO, uses advanced surgical techniques; he makes repairs using all-absorbing implants that are safe for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Call the nearest Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine office or book online today to set up your consultation.

Reconstructive Surgery Q & A

What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is a type of surgery to rebuild or make extensive repairs to areas of tissue damage. In orthopedic surgery, reconstructive surgeries restore the structure and function of injured joints, bones, ligaments, and other tissues with extensive damage. 

Sometimes, reconstructive surgery is necessary after an acute injury that happened suddenly. In other cases, reconstructive surgery can repair the damage occurring over time due to age-related wear and tear. 

At Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Dr. Hess prioritizes conservative treatments and only recommends reconstructive surgery if it is necessary to preserve your mobility and function. He often uses minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy so you can recover quickly with minimal scarring, pain, and bleeding. 

Which type of reconstructive surgery do I need?

At Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Dr. Hess evaluates your injury extensively with imaging techniques like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and X-rays. He can get an even more detailed view of the damage using arthroscopy in some cases, which involves a high-resolution camera that goes directly into the joint. 

Dr. Hess can perform:

Shoulder reconstruction

Shoulder reconstruction can treat pain or damage from one or several injuries within the shoulder at a time. Dr. Hess can make the necessary repairs to treat or replace the rotator cuff tendons, arthritis, dislocations, instability, and bone fractures. 

Knee reconstruction

Knee reconstruction targets and repairs or replaces damaged structures within the knee joint. These include the meniscus, the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments (ACL and PCL), and the medial and lateral collateral ligaments (MCL and PCL).

How long is the recovery from reconstructive surgery?

Recovery after knee or shoulder reconstruction varies based on the severity and number of injuries that Dr. Hess must repair. 

Dr. Hess can give you a more specific idea of how long recovery takes after his initial injury evaluations; you should expect to need physical therapy and other supplemental treatments. Physical therapy helps build joint strength and increase mobility, which is vital if you want to stay physically active. 

You can expect a quicker recovery from reconstructive surgery with arthroscopy and other minimally invasive techniques than open surgery, which requires one large incision instead of several smaller incisions that heal more quickly.

If you have an injury affecting your strength and mobility and have not seen improvement with conservative treatments, call Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine or book a reconstructive surgery consultation online today.